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Katy Remodeling is your local remodeling, construction, and repair company for homes and businesses.

Katy Remodeling in Katy, Texas continues to proudly serve Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Brookshire and the surrounding area for more than 20 years.

Our construction and remodeling teams can transform your existing home or business into the space you desire.  Katy Remodeling's construction team handles all aspects of the project, including walls, floors, countertops, roofing, electrical, and plumbing.  This means that you don't have to find, interview, and coordinate a lot of separate companies who then blame you and each other for poor quality, cost overruns, and not completing your project on schedule.


Hurricane Harvey

We extend our sympathy to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Some of our team members were impacted so we understand your stress.

To maintain our high quality standards, we are limiting the number of projects we accept. We believe it is important to use our proven work crews instead of hiring a lot of unknown and inexperienced workers.  We know you only want trusted people in your homes and appreciate that fact we will not accept projects simply to make money from a natural disaster.

This month we will complete two more house remodeling projects in Katy. We will start another house flood remodeling project next month, and therefore are able to accept one more project.

Contact us very soon if your house needs demolition, construction, and remodeling so we can estimate the effort and develop the project plan with you.


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Hurricane Harvey Repair Cautions...

We've noticed some repairs performed by others that we believe should be scrutinized by home owners. We honestly are not trying to make ourselves look better by telling you this, but instead be a helpful neighbor in this profession.

  • Remove lower cabinets and replace them. Water pooled under them, resulting in mold. You can't see it unless cabinet bottoms are removed, plus cabinets against walls likely have mold between the wall and cabinet. We also found heavy mold behind upper cabinets in houses where water remained inside for 4-5 days.
  • Remove bathtubs and indoor spas. Water pooled under them too.
  • Replace electrical wire that was in water. It may now be dry, but future corrosion and oxidation may occur. It is cheaper to replace them when walls are open than it will be in a year or two, plus do you really want another construction project so soon...
  • Lack of adequate insulation and caulking. Don't allow sheetrock to be installed until you are comfortable that adequate insulation was installed.
  • Replace doors that were wet. Refinishing a damaged door is only a temporary fix.
  • It is okay to use new start-up Contractors or those who are not from our area, but dedicate time to be Project Manager. If you saved money by selecting the lowest bid then contribute your time to make up for it or accept the alternatives that enabled them to cut costs. They won't be here in a year if you have issues so manage your project.
  • Finished sheetrock walls should be smooth and not look repaired. You should not have to call us to repair walls you already paid someone to repair. If you eventually offer your house for sale you may find buyers are reluctant, as are Inspectors.



Remodeling, Construction, and Home Repairs

The short answer is "We handle it".  Here are some examples:


Kitchen Remodel

Enhancing the look of your kitchen, such as adding a built-in wine cooler, changing cabinet color, or installing new countertops can make your house more enjoyable, plus increase the resale value.

If you already have plan you want us to follow then we are glad to do so.  If not then we generally work with an Interior Designer or Decorator from Decorating with Ana.  These types of projects are more than a simple construction project and the results are significantly better when properly designed and planned.  We want you to be happy with the lighting, any custom cabinets required, single-level or tiered counters, backsplashes, under-mount sinks, vent hoods, and even the grout colors.




It is time for new flooring?  We are happy to install the flooring of your choice.  Currently we are getting a strong mix between hardwood flooring and tile flooring.  We have also realized in increase in requests to install porcelain, ceramic, and laminated tile that looks like wood planks. which is in part due to vastly improved technologies that make the wood effect more realistic than before.

Our flooring team will remove and discard your existing flooring material, appropriately prep the floor, and then install the new material. We use leveling material and sub-padding as needed based on the surface of your floors.




Doors seem fundamental, but there are so many choices.  Standard door replacements are generally minor construction projects, depending upon whether or not the door frame and casing also needs to be replaced,  which we don't do unless needed.

For special order and non-standard doors, we will widen or narrow door opening and appropriately strengthen the supports.  For example, French doors for an inside office have different requirements than a set of external French doors. 

We have the ability to order custom doors or use those you provide.  Note that many doors have been backordered due to the demand following Hurricane Harvey.  We are able to get them, but need to order custom doors as soon as possible to avoid project delays.

REMODELING - Decorating With Ana

Patio Covers and Decks

Would you like a new patio cover or porch? We can construct it! Our Designer works with you to design the patio and patio cover that you desire, and then our construction team creates it. We can handle the concrete and brick work, Hardi-Plank or wood, and even blend it into your existing roof if you want a fully covered patio that appears like it was built with the house.

Building a pool?  Don't forget to design your patio cover at that same time.  Pool companies subcontract us to build patio covers for their projects, but you may contract us directly to save the "middle-man" markup.  We work with pool companies to coordinate the effort with them so the timing of our tasks and theirs are completed in a planned manner. Call us for a consultation.




Building a complete Theater Room and need special wall or ceiling mounts for the equipment?  Mounting a new flat screen television that require a new wall or extra supports installed inside the wall to provide adequate strength? We can do it so it has a professional look.  We can add an electrical outlet high on the wall to be behind the TV, plus install the audio and video cables inside the wall from the TV to your AVR, Cable TV box, or other equipment.  We also handle internal and external wall mount speakers, ceiling mount speakers, and installing cables between first story, second story, and attics.


Katy Remodeling will make the home repairs you need in a quality manner.  We have an exceptional record of positive customer feedback and are happy for you to contact our previous clients.  Katy Remodeling has been performing construction projects in Katy, TX and surrounding areas longer than most people have lived in the area.  Our model is simple.  We want to complete your construction and remodeling project to your satisfaction, while observing our quality standards.  We will work together with your contractors, but they are not necessary when using Katy Remodeling since we handle are able to handle all of the tasks and avoid you the hassle.

Katy Remodeling is a subsidiary of Decorating with Ana, which is one of the reasons for our high customer satisfaction. Any good construction company can tear apart rooms in your house, but so many do unsatisfactory jobs at rebuilding them. Walls are not straight, switches in the middle of walls, light fixtures not aligned with furniture, dysfunctional cabinets, and color schemes that are unappealing. We think about those things!



  • Kitchens & Bathrooms Remodeling
  • Construction
  • Flood Damage Repairs
  • Design and Computer Drawings
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen Cabinets - Custom & Standard
  • Room addition
  • Stairways
  • Roofing


  • Painting - Interior
  • Painting - Exterior
  • Wood Flooring
  • Tile, Ceramic, Laminate, Stone Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Garage Finishing
  • Television Mounting
  • Audio & Video Electrical wiring

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